Welcome to Kameswari Foundation

where we are passionately committed to shaping the Future Gurus.

Join us on our mission to eradicate misconceptions through relearning, while cultivating Sound ways of perceptions. As the brainchild of two visionary brothers, our foundation serves as a bridge between the modern and spiritual realms, leveraging cutting-edge technology to embrace the wisdom bestowed upon us by our ancient gurus.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture gurus who embody the essence of Sanatana Dharma, harmoniously blending it with the finest aspects of the new age.​

Our Initiatives

Sri Kameswari Foundation is your destination for enriching courses and consultation services rooted in Indian knowledge systems.

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Online Courses
We devise courses on Shastras, Vedas, and state-of-the-art methodologies in the Indian philosophy that caters to every person who has a strong desire to learn from within. The courses are offered online and offline (Adhyayana Kendram), which makes it easier for anyone to start with their self-reflective journey.
Leverage our expertise in Indian Knowledge Systems through our consultation services. We offer professional translation services, guiding you on the intricacies of Vedic Rituals tailored to specific purposes such as health or Shashtipoorthi. Additionally, we provide assistance to organizations in designing IKS courses and maintain a library where individuals can immerse themselves in quality reading material. Through workshops and events focused on Indian education and culture, stay connected with our community.
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Experience the spiritual essence of our temple through our Puja Services, available for events like birthdays and anniversaries. For avid readers, we offer books of RamaKoti, and we proudly preserve completed books in the sacred Ramasthupam of our temple. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Indian knowledge systems at Sri Kameswari Foundation. Join us on a profound journey of learning, growth, and cultural exploration.

Why Choose Us?

A choice that makes the difference.

Acquire knowledge through the ultimate perspective.

Learn Shastras and Vedic methodologies in their true spirit and experience the joy of understanding concepts in a holistic approach.

Proficient Acharyas

Well acquainted with the concepts, our Acharyas give training for the courses. Undertaking our courses would make you confident not just theoretically but practically too.

Philosophical Orientation

Imbibing a philosophical approach towards day-to-day activities is the true essence of learning. We aim for it through our courses and events.

Platform to Unite

We act as a bridge between the Contemporary world and the Spiritual world. You can witness a unity of Sanatana Dharma with the present world in its pure form.