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Sri Kameswari Foundation

Where we are passionately committed to shaping the Future Gurus.

Our Popular Courses

Shastra Praveshika

Unlock ancient wisdom. Dive into Shastric scriptures and transform your life!

Apastamba GruhyaSutras

Gain profound insights into Vedic rituals and enhance your spiritual journey.

Vigyana Gurukulam

Explore Vedic and modern science integration through engaging programs for Kids.

Our Initiatives

Center for Vedic and Shastric Studies

Kameswari Foundation’s new Center for Vedic and Shastric Studies offers comprehensive programs in Vedic education, focusing on Krishna Yajurveda.

Center for Pauranic and Shastric Studies

At the Kameswari Foundation’s new Center for Pauranic and Shastric Studies, we are reigniting the flame of our ancient Bharatiya wisdom in Ramgadi, Chhindwara.

About Us

Join us to unlearn the misconceptions through relearning with perfect perceptions.

Kameswari Foundation sprouted as the brainchild of two brothers to connect the contemporary world and the spiritual world by combining modern technology with the knowledge blessed to us by our ancient gurus. Our mission is to create gurus who are a blend of Sanatana Dharma and the new age in its best and purest form.

Why Choose Us?

Acquire profound knowledge with a holistic perspective

Learn Shastras and Vedic methodologies in their true spirit and experience the joy of understanding concepts through an integrated approach.

Philosophical Orientation

Imbibing a philosophical approach to day-to-day activities is the true essence of learning. Our courses and events aim to cultivate this perspective.

Proficient Acharyas

Our well-acquainted Acharyas provide comprehensive training for our courses. By undertaking our programs, you will gain confidence not only in theoretical knowledge but also in practical application.

Platform to Unite

We serve as a bridge between the contemporary and spiritual worlds, uniting Sanatana Dharma with modern life. Experience this pure integration through our platform.