Surely, no other purifier exists in this world like knowledge. Accomplished practitioner attains it in himself in due course.

Help us build a better and culturally aware future for our students.

Our vision encompasses not only modern technology like computers and AI but also cultural values and awareness through the teachings of shastras and puranas that will equip students to face challenges in life and make their values stronger.

Currently, our makeshift setup is in our backyard, equipped with a small library and technology resources. However it is proving insufficient for our growing number of students. We need your support to build a proper pathashala building with four rooms, including three classrooms and one activity hall.

The construction expense amounts to 4 lakhs.

Bank Details:

Account Details Bank Canara Bank

Name- Sri Kameswari Foundation
A/C No.-110022070766
IFSC Code CNRB0006725

Branch – DD Colony

"Embracing our Bharatiya Roots, Advancing Our Future”

At the Kameswari Foundation’s new Center for Pauranic and Shastric Studies, we are reigniting the flame of our ancient Bharatiya wisdom in the heart of Ramgadi, Chhindwara. Our mission is to blend the profound teachings of our shastras with the practicalities of modern technology, creating a unique educational experience that enriches mind, body and Atman. We invite everyone to join our mission and carry forward the grand legacy of Knowledge given by Maha Rishis and Gyanis.

This program specially focuses on empowering students, especially girls and those from underprivileged backgrounds. 

The purpose of initiating pathashala in a village has been very clear from the start. It is to address the following concerns. 

1. Students should have access to high quality education near their Ancestral homes. 

2. Not every one affords or is willing to send their kids to the cities for primary education.

3. The schools are not adding values to their lives as it does not teach them skills that are relevant to their livelihood. 

4. Workers need to migrate from Village to the city areas where they often do not find great opportunities. 

5. If students move out of village for education, the development of the village will be hindered and the young generation will not be carrying the legacy of our culture and lifestyle that encourages holistic development.

Centre of Pauranic and Shastric Studies Canvas

The body of our organization is divided into 3 parts,

  1. Karana Deha (Focus area of our center)
  2. Sukhsma Deha (Curriculum and teaching aspects)
  3. Sthoola Deha (Physical structure and facilities at our center)

Karana Deha

Karana Deha means the focus and goals of our centre, we have 5 main focus areas:

1. Holistic Education (free)

We believe in the transformative power of Bharatiya Education. Our center offers free, comprehensive learning opportunities, focusing on girls and those who cannot afford quality education. Our curriculum is a tapestry of traditional knowledge and modern technological skills, designed to equip our students for both contemporary challenges and personal growth.

2. Agriculture and Organic Farming

As Bharat is an Agricultural country, most of the citizens are engaged in farming. We aim to encourage the new generation of students to take up the field. By learning Shastric methods of agriculture, students will rediscover the ancient agricultural wisdom. Our program integrates time-honored methods with sustainable practices to promote organic farming. Learn how our ancestors cultivated the land, and how these techniques can revolutionize our approach to agriculture today.

3. Physical Health: Martial Arts and Yoga

Physical vitality is essential for a balanced life. Our center offers traditional martial arts training and yoga sessions, guiding students towards physical strength, mental clarity, and spiritual serenity. These practices are more than exercises; they are paths to self-discovery.

4. The Goshala

In Bharatiya culture, Cows are not just animals but are as auspicious as gods and often referred to as “Gow Mata” which means a mother. Our goshala is not just a shelter for cows; it’s a space where compassion and harmony with nature are nurtured. It’s an integral part of our endeavor to create a sustainable and empathetic environment.

5. Cultural Integration

यदिहास्ति तदन्यत्र। यन्नेहास्ति न तत् क्वचित्॥

At the heart of our vision lies the synergy between the Antient and the modern. The Center for Pauranic and Shastric Studies is more than an educational institution; it’s a bridge connecting the enduring wisdom of the Bharatiya shastras,samskaras and traditional wisdom with the dynamic advancements of modern technology. Here, history and future coalesce, creating a new paradigm of learning.

Sukhsma Deha

Sukhsma Deha is our holistic curriculum designed to achieve our goals, with subjects – Bhartiya Vigyanam, Ganita, Samskritam, Bhugol, Krishi Parisaar. 

Sthoolah Deha

 In the Pathashala space, we have 2  rooms with a library consisting of books relevant to different subjects and Puranas and 2 computers inside our home

Our Co-ordinators

I am passionate, and I strive to achieve the highest standard at any given task. I look for opportunities to expand my knowledge with an inquiring mind. My Inclination towards Philosophy and culture has inspired me to pursue my education in the field of Psychology with the foundations of Indian knowledge Systems. I have a solid research background in the areas related to Indian and Modern psychology. My aim is to work towards holistic well-being.

After completing engineering, I discovered my deep affinity for Bharatiya culture and Sanatana Dharma. Enrolling in Sanskrit for postgraduate studies marked a turning point, guided by mentors like Suryanarayan Acharya. The Center for Puranik and Shastric Studies reflects my goal to spread Vedic education and revive our lost traditions. I'm passionate about cultivating a sustainable, nature-aligned lifestyle rooted in Bharatiya culture, aiming to inspire holistic development.

I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I am always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greater heights. My orientation towards studying the human mind has been the most significant source of inspiration for me to pursue a career in psychology. My research interest lies in areas such as yoga, Psychological Well-being, and Vedic Psychology.

Become a part of this groundbreaking journey. Whether you wish to enroll, contribute, or simply explore, the Center for Pauranic and Shastric Studies welcomes you. Join us in Ramgadi, Chhindwara, and be a part of this remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation.