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"Shaping Future Leaders through Shastras"
Empowering curious minds through shastras

Are you ready to embark on an enriching journey of learning and exploration? Welcome to the co-schooling program at Kameswari Foundation, a unique educational initiative designed to provide a holistic and culturally immersive learning experience for children aged 5 to 18 years at different levels.

What is Co-Schooling?

The co-schooling initiative aims to provide your child with a comprehensive and customized education in Indian Knowledge studies, offering them a unique perspective rooted in the Indian Vedic tradition. In addition to conventional academic learning, it recognizes the significance of going beyond mere memorization and exam performance. Our objective is to empower students with traditional knowledge along with modern.

How can your child benefit?

The Vidya Sthanas encompass a wide range of disciplines, including the Vedas, Vedangas, Upavedas, and additional knowledge streams. Each knowledge stream holds immense significance in shaping our cultural, scientific, and philosophical traditions. Students will develop analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and an appreciation for our ancient scientific wisdom, fostering a well-rounded and culturally aware mindset.

How does this course help?

Our co-schooling program offers a diverse range of subjects that aim to nurture a deep understanding and appreciation of Indian heritage, language, history, spirituality, and wellness while promoting critical thinking and analytical skills and overall development of the child. 

By joining this course, your child will have the opportunity to Learn :


Age Groups and Schedule: 

Content Overview 

Sl. No


Topics to be covered




  • Basic Self introduction and greetings in Samskrit
  • Identification of objects in samskrit
  • Vowels, Consonants, Numbers, Colors, Seasons, Time, Festivals etc
  • Introduction to Alphabet reading and writing

Introduction to Samskrit language and highlighting its importance and application to strengthen cultural roots.



  • Rediscovering Bharatiya Itihasa via stories from Ramayana in a unique way.
  • Exploring the life of Shree Rama and learning to build strong values.
  • Exploring all the great kings, Rishis and Munis in the times of Ramayana Such as Rishi Valmiki, vasushta, Bhagiratha, Vishwamitra, gautama, Ahalya and strong role models like Parshurama and Shravana kumar and learn valuable lessons.
  • Rediscovering Geography in Indian Context and develop environmental sensitivity

Through storytelling, provide learners the much needed insights into the lives of our gods and the inspiring figures who shaped our nation’s identity to reinstill pride and  inculcate value education.


Bhagavad Gita 

  • Topics from 16th Adhyaya
  • How to build our character by learning Daiva and Asura lakshanas
  • Moral development 

The profound teachings of the Bhagawad Geeta will equip the learner with all the instruments needed for psychological strength from a young age. 


Bharatiya Vigyaan

  • Introduction to Indian Sciences in a fun interactive way
  • Topics such as Panchanga Shravanam, what it consists of, learning about Tithi, masa, paksha, Ayana and sanvastara. 
  • Learning about rashi and nakshatra and their placement.

The aim is to get children exposed to Bharatiya Shastras, this will expand their cognitive capacities.


Strotra Maalika 

  • Ganapati Dwadash Naam Stotra and story behind each name 
  • Hanuman dwadash naam stotra
  • Aditya dwadash naam 
  • Dwadasha Jyotirlinga stotram
  • Shiva panchakshari stotram
  • Lakshmi ashtakam
  • Surya ahstakam
  • Basic Dincharya slokas like Karagre Vaste lakshmi, Gange cha Yamune chaiva and Annapurne sada purne.

Students will develop a sense of devotion and tranquility through the recitation of shlokas allowing them to experience the power of sound.

This process will induce samskaras in them in subtle forms.


Contents given in the above table are an overview of the major contents that we are going to cover throughout the course. Our aim is not to make children experts of the topics, especially topics like Bharatiya Vigyan, but to introduce them to this treasure of knowledge and expose them to the heritage of the greatest civilization at the earliest stage of their life.


All the contents/themes will be delivered using tools such as Storytelling, interactive exercises and games. There will not be any homework given as such and an attempt will be made to inculcate the zest of these topics through entertainment and fun.

Our goal is very simple, 

  1. To strengthen Cultural roots
  2. To inculcate much needed Value education
  3. To develop aspects of Bhakti and Samskaras 

We believe that today’s kids will grow into young adults tomorrow and they will be needing all the tools and techniques to face the challenges of life. Along with modern education, cultural awareness and Value based education will help children connect to their roots and develop a sense of belongingness. 

Bharatiya Gyan parampara will equip your child with Samskaras along with developing their cognitive capacities, ability to judge and take decisions in life that are more aligned to their Inner selves!!

Starting Date: The program is scheduled to begin from 1st week of July 2024. We encourage you to register early and secure a spot for your child in this transformative co-schooling journey. 

Guru Dakshina: 1500/- Per Month