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Join us to unlearn the misconceptions through relearning with perfect perceptions.
Kameswari Foundation sprouted as the brainchild of two brothers to connect the contemporary world and the spiritual world by combining modern technology with the knowledge blessed to us by our ancient gurus. Our mission is to create gurus who are a blend of Sanatana Dharma and the new age in its best and purest form.

Our Motivation

Our Inspiration

Who we are?


Sri Kameswari Foundation is dedicated to the exploration and promotion of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) – the rich intellectual heritage of Bharata Varsha. We delve into the profound wisdom that encompasses both Astikas and Nastikas, showcasing the enduring legacy of this sacred land.

At the heart of IKS lies the Vedas, the primary source of knowledge for Astikas. To deepen our understanding of the Vedas, ancillary disciplines such as Vedangas and Darshanas were developed. Together, they form the Shaastras, an encompassing body of wisdom that formed the foundation of the venerable Sanatana Dharma system.

In the bygone era, the Gurukula system played a pivotal role in preserving and integrating the essence of Sanatana Dharma into all facets of life in Bharata Varsha. However, the imposition of non-indic educational and governance systems has led to the decline of the Gurukula system in many areas, although it perseveres amidst adversity in select locations. Regrettably, this has had a detrimental impact on the essence of Sanatana Dharma.

To revive and strengthen the Gurukula system, we must adapt our strategies and embrace transformative change. This will enable us to rediscover, revisit, and reassess our knowledge systems, nurturing the emergence of future leaders, or GURUS, who will carry forward the legacy of IKS.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we address several crucial questions:

  1. How can we safeguard and protect the Gurukula system?
  2. Where can we find reliable research resources on Shastras?
  3. How can we access authoritative guidance to deepen our understanding of Sanatana Literature?
  4. What effective strategies can be employed to propagate Indian Knowledge Systems?
  5. How can we engage and inspire the youth with the concepts of Shastras?
  6. Where can we find authentic information about the vibrant Sanatana culture?
  7. Whom can we consult in our quest for a deeper exploration of IKS?

We are committed to providing comprehensive answers and valuable insights to these inquiries, serving as a trusted resource for those passionate about preserving and advancing the timeless wisdom of Indian Knowledge Systems. Together, let us embark on this transformative journey of rediscovery and enlightenment.

What we do?

We at Sri Kameswari Foundation offer:

Online Courses
We devise courses on Shastras, Vedas, and state-of-the-art methodologies in the Indian philosophy that caters to every person who has a strong desire to learn from within. The courses are offered online and offline (Adhyayana Kendram), which makes it easier for anyone to start with their self-reflective journey.
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Leverage our expertise in Indian Knowledge Systems through our consultation services. We offer professional translation services, guiding you on the intricacies of Vedic Rituals tailored to specific purposes such as health or Shashtipoorthi. Additionally, we provide assistance to organizations in designing IKS courses and maintain a library where individuals can immerse themselves in quality reading material. Through workshops and events focused on Indian education and culture, stay connected with our community.
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Experience the spiritual essence of our temple through our Puja Services, available for events like birthdays and anniversaries. For avid readers, we offer books of RamaKoti, and we proudly preserve completed books in the sacred Ramasthupam of our temple. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Indian knowledge systems at Sri Kameswari Foundation. Join us on a profound journey of learning, growth, and cultural exploration.
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Why choose Us?

Acquire knowledge through the ultimate perspective.

Learn Shastras and Vedic methodologies in their true spirit and experience the joy of understanding concepts in a holistic approach.

Proficient Acharyas

Well acquainted with the concepts, our Acharyas give training for the courses. Undertaking our courses would make you confident not just theoretically but practically too.

Philosophical Orientation

Imbibing a philosophical approach towards day-to-day activities is the true essence of learning. We aim for it through our courses and events.

Platform to Unite

We act as a bridge between the Contemporary world and the Spiritual world. You can witness a unity of Sanatana Dharma with the present world in its pure form.

Giving The Indian Knowledge System The Recognition It Deserves .

After careful analysis and research, we came across a few questions that needed to be answered – 

  • Where can one find research on Shastras?
  • How can one get access to the profound knowledge of shastras in an organized way?
  • Where can we find the authentic and systematic information regarding Shastras and Sanatana culture?
  • What approaches can be taken to popularize Shastric concepts among the youth?
  • Where can one receive proper guidance in learning about Sanatana Literature?
  • How can we effectively propagate Indian Knowledge Systems?
  • Who should I consult in my quest for IKS?
  • How can we safeguard the Gurukula system?

To find answers to the same, Kameswari has launched the initiative for – Center for Vedic and Shastric Studies which is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and propagation of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS). Our aim is to foster a deep understanding of Sanatana Literature and promote the rich cultural heritage of Sanatana Dharma. 

Introducing Shastric education at Center for Puranik and Shastric studies, Chhindwara, is just another extension of Kameswari’s center for Vedic and Shastric studies. 

Imagine unboxing a new phone—the first thing you receive is the user manual. It provides instructions on how to use the device, essential tips to keep in mind, and maintenance guidelines. Shastras serve a similar purpose! They are collaborative tools that offer techniques to achieve individual goals and guide us through our explorations.

The term “Shastra” originates from the Sanskrit language, meaning “A Manual of Instruction.” It encompasses a compendium of standards and regulations within a particular discipline. Recognizing the immense knowledge and wisdom preserved by the Rishis and Sadhakas of ancient times, our founders believed that this wisdom could be applied to address contemporary issues, known as “Shastric Drishti.”

At our foundation, we aim to unlock the brilliance of Shastras, leveraging their timeless teachings to shed light on present-day challenges and offer profound insights for personal and societal growth.

What are Puranas?

Puranas are nothing but the interpretation of the knowledge of Vedas. Purans Share this profound Wisdom of Vedas and Shastras through stories, Legends, Anecdotes, allegories and Chronicles of events.

Puranas are often regarded as a central aspect of Indian heritage. Through Puranas one can tap into the treasure of knowledge of Indian Heritage, History and Culture. 

These texts are goldmines of ancient Indian wisdom, encompassing philosophy, science, technology, art, and literature. They provide detailed narratives on cosmic creation, dynastic histories and the Nature and Purpose of Life. 

As a part of this, we are going to educate students in Puranas relevant to their lifestyle and goals.

A place for growth!