Center for Vedic and Shastric Studies, is a renowned institution and brain child of Kameswari dedicated to the preservation, protection, and propagation of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS). Our aim is to foster a deep understanding of Sanatana Literature and promote the rich cultural heritage of Sanatana Dharma.

After careful analysis, we came across a few questions that need to be answered!

  • Where can one find research on Shastras?
  • Where can I receive proper guidance in learning about Sanatana Literature?
  • How can we effectively propagate Indian Knowledge Systems?
  • What approaches can be taken to popularize shastric concepts among the youth?
  • Where can authentic information regarding Sanatana culture be found?
  • Who should I consult in my quest for IKS?
  • How can we safeguard the Gurukula system?

“Discover the profound teachings of Indian Knowledge Systems and Sanatana Dharma which will guide you to spiritual enlightenment and holistic well-being.”

To achieve our objectives, we have initiated various programs and activities:

– Intensive Gurukulam: A traditional syllabus-based program for an extended period, aiming to appear in Tenali exams (for boys) and Ahmednagar exams (for boys and girls). Prerequisite: Proficiency in the fundamentals of the Samskrita language.

– Non-intensive Gurukulam: A program focused on gaining fundamental knowledge of Sanskrit language and exploring the application of shastras in contemporary knowledge systems. It can be conducted in a hybrid mode (online and offline).

– Multiple entry-exit options in the examination system to recognize the efforts of students who face challenges and may have to drop out due to unavoidable reasons. Inspired by the Jaina spiritual centers’ approach.

– Monthly online debates aimed at encouraging shastric students to participate, learn, and enhance their vakyartha (debating) skills. Accomplished shastric scholars will guide the students in honing their debating abilities.

– Purohita Development Program: Designed specifically for Smarta students to address their lack of knowledge in Sanskrit language and dharma shastras. The program aims to equip them with the necessary skills to answer questions faced while performing rituals.

– A retreat conducted during the lunar month of Aashadha, where purohita community members can gather to enhance their understanding of shastras and specific aspects of rituals like sankalpas, mantras, and samskaras. The focus is on training them to explain these concepts to astikas (believers) during ritual performances.

– Research on countering the structured attacks aimed at dismantling IKS and Sanatana culture in the long run. Sri Kameswari Center for Vedic and Shastric Studies can be a guiding force by conducting research and providing necessary information. Additionally, independent research can be conducted on the application of shastric concepts in contemporary knowledge systems.

– Providing guidance and consultancy to organizations engaged in research related to IKS.

– Guiding or conducting research for films (feature, documentary, etc.) based on content related to Sanatana literature and Sanskrit.

– Encouraging scholars to translate fundamental shastric texts into regional languages for wider accessibility.

– Encouraging shastric scholars and research scholars to publish unpublished manuscripts related to shastras, thereby bringing them to light and propagating IKS.

– Writing articles on various topics related to shastras, culture, and festivals for platforms like Indic Today.

– Conducting pravachanam sessions by Shastric scholars on special

 occasions to promote the understanding of texts like Ramayana, Bhagavatam, and interdisciplinary topics.

– Conducting 2-3-day workshops on topics like daily puja, Tulasi puja, Mangala Gowri Vratam, Varalakshmi Vratam, etc., to provide orientation and knowledge to individuals, especially women, who lack proper guidance in performing these rituals.

Krishna Yajurveda Studies

An initiative of the Center for Vedic and Shastric Studies, kameswari has launched Veda pathashala. A platform for learning the profound wisdom of Krishna Yajurveda.

We offer comprehensive teachings and resources to deepen the understanding of this ancient Vedic text. Veda pathashala is an excellent platform for students seeking guidance with Krishna Yajurveda studies.